Fabulous Gourmet Coffee Gift Ideas!

Gourmet coffee gifts are a great way to give the coffee-lovers and foodies something special during the holiday season! These gifts can be quite inexpensive to as lavish as you want them to be. The fun and creative part of these gifts is coming up with the creative ideas to express what you want to give to the special loved ones in your life!

Edible gifts, and drinkable gifts, are a great way to give something to your loved ones and know they will be used! My favorite gifts are edible and I have often told my husband to “buy me anything from Williams Sonoma” for Christmas and Birthdays. I love gift baskets, and gourmet coffee gifts are right by my foodie alley! These are also the perfect gifts for friends, coworkers, neighbors, and even bosses.

Some gourmet coffee ideas are as simple as giving a $10 gift card to Starbucks or coffee bean and tea leaf. Another idea is to buy one pound bags of coffee and put a pretty bow on the package. This is an inexpensive gift and can be picked up at any local coffee shop or house for under $20. Another delicious idea would be to give coffee accessories such as pretty mugs, saucers, stir sticks, pretty napkins, and even a special grinder perhaps.

One of the most elaborate gourmet coffee gifts would be to give a gift basket. This is the perfect vessel to showcase the wide variety of items you can purchase for this type of basket. Ground coffee, coffee beans, mugs, saucers, syrups and tasty treats such as cookies, cakes and biscotti are great ideas to stock these delicious baskets. I love to give these gifts as they look like they cost a fortune but can actually be quite inexpensive to put together! You can purchase cellophane and pretty bows from your local craft store and wrap them yourself! It is much cheaper, and more beautiful, than buying an already prepared gift basket.

If you are truly looking to impress, a great idea would be to include some extra special beans such as Kona coffee, Kopi Luwak, or Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. These are more rare, and therefore more expensive. If you have a true lover of this gourmet beverage it may be a great idea to splurge and purchase something extravagant for the next special occasion. As prices for Kopi Luwak can reach a staggering $200 per pound, this may want to be reserved to extra special occasions such as wedding anniversaries.

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