5 Tips For Healthy Living On The Go

Are you a busy professional always on the go don’t have enough time to yourself let alone trying to keep fit and healthy? If this is you than you are not alone. Most people want to keep fit and healthy but just don’t have enough hours in the day because of their busy hectic lifestyle.

Listen, healthy living does not have to be hard work, it was never intended to be that way. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym for which you don’t have time anyway, or get the latest fitness machine at home, only for it to later gather dust or be used for drying clothes.

Being healthy and fit does not happen naturally it does require a small amount of work and commitment on your part.In this article i will give you 5 easy tips to keep healthy that does not require a great deal of time on your part.


5 Healthy Living Tips You Can Do Right Now

1. Drink Plenty of Water.

glass of water

If you are in a rush in the mornings if nothing else have a glass of water. During the night we lose a lot of oxygen. Water and oxygen is a great way to rejuvenate our cells. Water tastes great but if your are one of those people that does not like the taste of fresh water you could squeeze some lime or orange into it. Try and do this for a week and you will begin to feel less tired.

2. Have Fresh Fruits Daily.


There are a variety of fruits available to us to cater for everyone’s needs. Fruits have nutrients, vitamins and sugars that are required in our body. Everyday no matter what you are doing driving, walking, going for a run, doing the daily shop try and eat some fruits. Take them to work with you and eat them through out the day.


3. Exercise on the go

exercise on the go

Exercise can be done anywhere. If you are in a office environment don’t be glued to your desk, make a point of getting up every 30-40min and go for a walk. If your office is not on the ground floor instead of taking the lift walk up and down the stairs. Make a point of going for a brisk walk at lunchtime, get your blood flowing and muscles moving.


5. Eat a handful of nuts


Eating nut’s is great source to boost your energy and productivity. Have a handful of your favorite nuts (cashews, walnuts, pecans, almonds etc.), mix them with raisins if you want sometime during the afternoon.

6. Deep Breathing


One of the best things we can do for our bodies is taking deep breadths. Whenever you have time take up to 3 deep breadths. Inhale through your noise slowing counting up to 5 seconds, hold your breadth for a count of 4 seconds, than breath out slowly through your mouth

I hope that you get a chance to implement all 5 tips into your daily routine and notice a big difference in your health.